Hi, my name is Antoine Gersant.
I am a freshly graduated game developer from France and I want to use my skills to help you build better games.

Selected Works

Fable: The Journey (Lionhead Studios)
Ernest the Plump Adventurer (in trouble)
Les Forges is a game design and game art website I created
A game I worked on for Succubus Interactive


There is nothing more delightful to me than bringing pixels to life. It lights sparks in my eyes and keeps them open for long, long hours.


I have programmed in numerous languages, including HaXe, C++, Java and Python. I value code quality, reusability & human-friendly documentation.


Coding is not my only field. My curiosity and interests brought me to other disciplines such as Game Design, 2D art and music composing.

Team player

I am used to working in small and medium-sized teams in which I always try to be helpful and open-minded. I am used to agile software development too.