Works and professional experience

Game-related projects and work experiences

A screenshot from 'Ernest the Plump Adventurer (in trouble)'
Fable: The Journey's cover art.

Fable: The Journey (Lionhead Studios)

Fable: The Journey is an action-adventure game for Xbox 360 / Kinect released in October 2012. As a programming intern at Lionhead Studios, I worked together with the GUI team to finish, fix and polish the game's HUD, frontend and menu screens.

This was my first time working in a AAA game studio and it did let me acquire some experience with technologies like the Unreal Engine and Scaleform.

A screenshot from 'Ernest the Plump Adventurer (in trouble)'
Ernest, jewels, rising water, torches ; it's all there.

Ernest the Plump Adventurer (in trouble) (48h project)

Ernest the Plump Adventurer (in trouble) is a platformer game I made (code, art and music) in less than 48 hours for the 21st edition of the Ludum Dare competition in Summer 2011.

The game did pretty well in the competition : out of more than 500 entries, it ranked 15th in the Overall category, 5th in the Audio category, 15th in the Graphics category and 24th in the Fun category.

You can play it here.

A screenshot from a game I worked on at Succubus
This was my first time working with 3D artists.

Succubus Interactive

I spent Summer 2010 working for a game development studio called Succubus Interactive. The studio specializes in serious games and advertisment games. The one pictured on the left was ordered by ERDF (the French equivalent to General Electric) to help training their employees.

My work consisted in doing some gameplay programming for the ERDF game and revamping some features of the company's isometric game engine.

Les Forges' homepage
Les Forges' homepage

Les Forges

Les Forges is a French website that publishes game design and game art articles that I created from scratch in 2008. Some of our most popular works are the translation of Ernest Adams' Designer's Notebook (a Gamasutra column) and my own comprehensive pixel art course for indie game developers.

If you speak French or if you do not fear Google Translation, you may want to visit Les Forges.

Bacchus' logo (Work in Progress)
Bacchus' logo

Bacchus framework (Work in Progress)

Bacchus is an HaXe game development framework that provides a solid structure and many generic tools (display lists, data validation, pathfinding, performance analysis, GUI utilities, Stage3D abstraction, etc.) for programming 2D games. It has not been widely released yet but I plan to open-source it when I'm done with a few additional features and polishing.

The Bacchus framework is already being used in my works, including Ernest the Plump Adventurer (in trouble) and the Secret of Mana clone demo.

Looks a lot like Secret of Mana heh.
Mimicking one of my favourite games

“Secret of Mana” clone demo

This project was made in order to test the robustness and usability of my Bacchus framework (see above). I tried to replicate the gameplay and the features of Squaresoft's classic Secret of Mana and it took me about one week to implement the game's core engine using Bacchus. The demo has tiled maps, dialogs, basic combat and a title screen, all of them very similar to the original.

You can play the demo here.

Character artwork for Nobliaux
Character artwork by my good friend Pierre Guyot

Les Nobliaux de Port-Renard (Work in Progress)

Les Nobliaux de Port-Renard is one of my ongoing projects. It is a dialogue-driven point-and-click adventure game that revolves around a political plot in a medieval city inspired by Saint-Malo.

My main objectives for this project are literary quality (in French) and narrative freedom for the player.

Screenshot from Tachikoma Overdrive
The blue robot is the player.

Tachikoma Overdrive (48h project)

I made this game as an entry to the 9th edition of the Flashkit 48 Hour Game Challenge and it was my first time developing (code, art and music) with such a tight deadline. The game is a very straightforward shooter with a decent amount of polish for a 48h game.

Tachikoma Overdrive ranked first of the competition and was the only complete entry.

You can play the game here.

Non game-related projects and work experiences

Exalead's logo


Exalead (Dassault Systèmes) is the leading French search-engine company and I spent 4 months working there as an intern during Spring and Summer 2011.

I took part in the development of search-based applications in an R&D-focused team called Exalabs. I also made their website (with the help of their in-house designer).

A user interface built with Tempest
A user interface built with Tempest

Tempest UI

Tempest UI was an HaXe library I developed in 2007 to streamline the programming of Graphical User Interfaces in Flash applications. It was fully functional but relied on an obsolete API.

Since then, I have built a functional prototype of a new version using Haxe/AS3 which I hope to complete one day. As a student at the École Centrale de Nantes, I wrote a paper (in French) explaining the rationale behind this library.

Serious business going on

Industrial Study Project for euroscript International

euroscript International is a leader in providing customers with global solutions in content lifecycle management.

Together with a team of engineering students, I defined a process to automate the control of conformity of XSL stylesheets to graphical models.